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Mr. Nails Mansion

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Rumors are spreading quickly around the neighborhood about hi def porn Mr.Nails and his thunderously large cock! He’s hard to figure out though! Some think his a total creep, others say’s his a complete freak… but one thing everyone agrees on is, that this hd porn cock of his is savagely huge! One day two girls unknowingly trespasses onto his property, in the attempt to retrieve their Frisbee and when doing so, they both catch a glimpse of Mr. Nails dick! In total amazement, they have to admit that it looks unnaturally big… but the best way to find out if it’s really real, is to suck and fuck it!!!

Goldicocks searches the forrest

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Goldicocks is as desperate as can be and her last chance to find some big, hd porn manmeat, is to thoroughly search the enchanted Forrest! And like the story goes, she finds herself lost and soon realizes that her hd porn wishes won’t be granted! But after grieving and some mindless wondering around … to her amazement, she sees a cottage nestled amongst the trees! And that’s where she’ll find, exactly what she’s looking for… a yummy, sticky mouthful of hd porn jizz!!!

Ally Writes a Hit-song

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Alley is becoming quite famous in the underground music scene… actually, most  folks know her by name now! Scott, who’s a big fan of hers, happens to walk in on a rehearsal and overhears her latest “Mega Cock” hd porn song… which would become much more credible, if she had some street credit to back up her hd porn words with!!!

Brazzers Nasty Services

Monday, September 20th, 2010

Brazzers Nasty Services, promises to always present the freaken hottest and horniest of hd porn teens, to our devoted gentleman clients… plus ofcourse to our adoring hd lesbo followers as well! Tight, fresh totally porn addicted teens, is the everyday motto here! We make sure to select, only the most pristine, most porn talented of sexy teen hd babes… so complete satisfaction is forever guaranteed!

A Very Tasty COCKtail

Friday, September 17th, 2010

Deauxma’s husband has invited her to come to the baseball game with all of his best pals! Even though they have a luxurious sky box to party in, she feels totally left out! Rejected and lonely, this hotter than hell hd porn Milf, turns her attention on the much younger bartender! Deauxma walks over to order a drink and to her surprise, she gets to try out one of the best hd porn COCKtails ever!

Manmeat over Money!

Friday, September 17th, 2010

The yearly Milf auction is on today and Keiran is trying to make bids, amongst some high rollers with huge bank accounts! But as the prices for these luscious hd porn Milfs, completely get out of control… Rhyse, one of the hotter hi def porn Milfs, gets royally impatient and decides to change the rules a bit! Instead of measuring the size of their bank accounts, she decides that the size of their cock is way more important, which instantly puts Keiran back in the bidding war!

My Mom is a cock loving bitch!

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Unfortunately you can’t pick your parents and poor Tyler has ended up with a mom, who’s a complete freak and totally sexually insane, in this wild and crazy hd porn vid! And the natural course of rebellion, often leads the children to become the complete opposite! Tyler is a normal down to earth, good girl… but man, is she deathly afraid of cocks! Her cock hungry mother, who literally can’t even get a dick out of her stinken mouth for one darn minute, now makes Tyler sick to her stomach, to even look at one!

Stolen thunderous climax

Monday, September 13th, 2010

In this wild and crazy hd porn vid, Hollie’s day at work is one of the shittiest, in a long time… so she decides to take off early to release some of that stress, she’s been building up for hours! After taking a long, hot shower she still feels agitated, but Holly knows that a fantastic hd porn orgasm always does the trick! So she starts masturbating… and boy, does that feel totally amazing! Just as she’s ready to release a thunder of an orgasm, stupid Johnny walks into the room… totally killing the moment! Ofcourse Holly is mad as hell, and demands that Johnny gives back her hd porn climax, he so rudely stole from her!!!

Yoga-tta Huge Cock!

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Sienna has never been into yoga, like her best girlfriend, in this very informative hd porn video… cause she thinks it’s really stupid and a total waist of time! But after months of pleading and some mentioning of Keiran, the yoga instructor, who’s a real hunk… Sienna finally gives in and makes a go of it! When they arrive for class, Sienna has to admit that he’s really hot… but she also notices a huge bulk, in his shorts! And that’s when she gets really interested in the whole yoga thing and decides to stay after class… for some one-on-one, private yoga hd porn training!

Sex in Her City 2

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Sarah Jessie is one of those really hot, hd porn star “Sex in the City” look alike, who has a research column which is all about the biggest, hardest cocks she can find around town! She’s been slacking off a bit lately though and her deadline in finding the latest hd porn mega dick, is increasingly drawing nearer! In a desperate attempt to find one, she decides to take off to LA… cause there’s been rumors floating around, that a certain Mr. Big has been flaunting and bragging over his really well-hung statues to the ladies! And as Sarah is soon to find out… it’s all true, well over and beyond!