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Don’t screw with the intern

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Dera is a mega caliber idiot, who thinks he can get away with photographing his fat hd porn dick and uploading it onto Capri’s, the new interns desktop! But you know what, Capri is one of those really rough and tough hd porn chicks, who won’t have that kind of behavior pass her by easily… cause in her book, he’ll better fester up, or be in even more trouble! The offers that’s laid on the table, will clearly outweigh his little attempt in being naughty… she dares that lousy son of a bitch, to fuck her!!!

Residence visa sex

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Ramon knows his residence visa is running out in just about three days, so it’s of utmost importance he meets up with an immigration officer immediately! He’s given hd porn officer McKenzee to discuss his immigration status with, but unfortunately there’s no good news… cause he’s failed to renew it in time, and is scheduled to be deported tomorrow! But quick thinking hd porn Ramon isn’t about to give up just yet… his last chance to stay in the US, is to royally seduce Officer McKenzee! Let’s sincerely hope, that the hd porn session is good enough!!!

Betting against Jordan!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Faye is one of the sport industries hottest agent and to her credit she has legendary Jordan Ash, as one of her acquisitions! But all that happened well over six years ago, and lately Jordan hasn’t fought in the ring like the champion he used to be! He’s suddenly becomes a real bad bet and the money isn’t coming in at all! Behind Jordan’s back, hd porn Faye decides to bet against him on a big game, but when Jordan finds out… the shit really hits the fan, and the hd porn revolt begins!

Brooke’s Convincing New Juggers

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

After taking off from work for over six months to improve her overall hd porn look, Brooke finally feels she’s accomplished all of her goals! But Keiran, her boss got tired off waiting and after just three months, he was forced to give her job to another hd porn girl! But Brooke isn’t worried at all, cause shes’ the kind of person who always gets what she wants… and with her new fantastic hd porn enhancements, she has absolutely no trouble in convincing Keiran to re-hire her right away!

Naughty rolle-blade babe

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Jackie has a day off from work and decides to do some healthy outdoor activities! It’s such a wonderful, sunny day so some roller-blading in the park sounds like a great idea! But when Jackie takes a shortcut, she finds herself totally lost! After trying to find her way back, she spots Chris’s car in a nearby parking lot and begs him for a ride home! The conversation quickly turns into hd porn talk… so Jackie who’s a horny, little hd porn teen invites Chris to her house! Once inside her bedroom, the topic instantly turns to Chris’s really big, hd porn dick… and Jackie can’t wait to ride it right away!

Allie mans-up to all of it

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Allie has only had one boyfriend in her whole life, who by the way happens to be Canadian, with a rather average sized cock! But how’s poor Allie suppose to know that, when they only one she’s seen, is her boyfriends! So when her hd porn sorority sister surprises her, by showing up with a really blessed dude, 12 hd porn inches in all… Allie is in total disbelieve! It wasn’t hard, to persuade Allie to sample his huge merchandise… even though they where all convinced, she’ll only be able to taste the tip of it! But now it’s their turn to be in total disbelief, when Allie mans-up to accepting the full range of it! Needless to say, Allies hd porn life will never be the same again… and her Canadian boyfriend, will surely be out the door tomorrow!

Drive fast speed turns me on!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Bella misses the bus today, in this very exciting hd porn flick… and instead of waiting around for the next one, she decides to walk home! After walking for a few minutes, she’s lucky enough to have James offer her a ride! He drives one of those fancy, really fast Z 28 Cameros that Bella is really turned on by, so she can’t resist catching a ride with him! To impress Bella, James speeds up which totally puts Bella in the hd porn mood to live dangerously… so she invites James back to her house, to show him how she can “drive a stick” really fast and furious too!

Everything Is Bigger in the US

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Aleska is a Hungarian hd porn beauty, who since a little girl always dreamed about coming to America! And when her parents signed her up for a foreign exchange student program, to travel to the US… she was overjoyed, to say the least! When arriving to her destination and given a tour of her new surroundings, she couldn’t believe how big everything was! But when Aleska was introduced to Johnny, her eyes almost bulged out of her head… to find out how big, hd porn cocks are in America too!

We Adore Johnny Zucco

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Nothing matters if you can’t be in with the cool, dank crew at school! So Sascha who’s just transferred from another school, is eager to join the hd porn in-crowd, as soon as possible! The hd porn babes from the group quickly realizes… if that’s ever gonna happen, Sasha needs a total makeover! But whatever they do, like fixing her makeup, changing her hair style and what not… just doesn’t seem to be enough! So they turn to the absolute last resort, to finally have her become one of them… which means, taking her to the local diner and introduce her to really big hd porn cock Johnny Zucco!

Mega spoiled 18 Slut

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Hd porn slut Vanessa has planned for her 18 birthday all year long, to make sure this milestone of hers goes down perfectly! She’s invited all of her hd porn friends and hired a really dank Master of Ceremonies too! Everything is going along according to plan, but when it’s time to open her presents… she just can’t believe all of the totally lame, useless gifts she got! Completely annoyed, she can’t wait for all of her stupid friends to leave! But hiring that cool Master of ceremonies turns out to be the best thing ever… cause he decides to cheer up her up with one last gift… his hugely, hd porn sized cock! Now that did the trick for sure!!!