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The casino owner personally handles cheating!

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Gina and her partner in crime, has figured out an ingenious system to cheat in Black Jack! But the eye in the sky is watching every cheating move they make, and soon all their winnings are confiscated! The security is instructed to take care of the dude, but Gina’s hd porn ass is hauled into the casino owners personal chambers! There he carefully informs her, how he takes great care of all of his hot, female cheaters personally… by first throat gagging her and then give her a punishing, deep thrusting, hd porn pussy screwing lesson!

Fucking bitch whore!

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Jordan has been after London for a date for the longest time, so when she finally agrees to go out with him… he’s naturally, totally elated! Jordan takes her to the fanciest place he knows… trying to impress her! But when they arrive to the restaurant, London runs into one of her hd porn toy boyfriends which she spends all of her time with… completely ignoring Jordan, during theĀ  whole dinner! At the end of the night, she has the nerve to ask Jordan to give her ride to the other dudes house… and that’s when Jordan has had, just about enough! He decides it’s high time, for some well-deserved hi def porn punishment!!!

I’ll borrow your tight asshole instead!

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Cocky Mackenzee is the loan manager at Jordan’s bank and his asked to meet with her, about a possible loan for his new business adventure! The meeting was set up for nine o’clock sharp, but she makes him wait for over two hours. When Mackenzee finally sees him, she does it with such rudeness… and even has the nerve to take phone calls, while his talking! After half listening to his business deal, she informs him that the whole thing sucks and promptly rejects his loan! Totally humiliated he seeks out his hi def porn revenge, by borrowing her luscious, tight hd porn asshole instead!