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Fuck me and then focus!

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Sadie is an extremely valued senior executive for a huge advertising firm, and in today’s hd porn flick, she’s chosen Charles, a junior, to see if he has what it takes! She assigns Charles to make a life saving presentation, which the company is depending on to stay afloat! But when she checks in on Charles to see how the meeting is going, Sadie finds him in a total state of panic! Thank God for Sadie and her fantastic hd porn methods she uses, to calm him down and start focusing right away!

Distracting the Taxman!

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Britney has been told that the IRS man is showing up, to look over the books tomorrow! She knows she hasn’t been totally honest with the numbers, so she hurries to cook the books and shred false documents! Unfortunately she had the wrong day down, so while she’s disposing of tons of paper work, the IRS dude walks in on her! Playing totally stupid and ignorant as to what she’s doing, she tries to distract him from starting the investigation! And there’s nothing more distracting to the taxman, than a huge pair of hd porn hooters!

I adore my Blowjob work

Monday, November 15th, 2010

A group of employees are getting a much needed presentation, in what’s appropriate conduct in relation to sexual harassment! Ofcourse James, the company clown are mocking the entire process and is ruining the seriousness of it all! Sick and tired of his hd porn behavior, Lylith has a private word with him and that’s when she admits… she only took this job, to find really horny hd porn dudes! Naturally James is thrilled, when she gives him her private lessons in how totally unacceptable sexual behavior is done!

Corporate fuck ladder

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Nika has turned herself into a very important, powerful corporate executive in just a few years! It’s fallen upon her to train James, the new intern and she finds jobs for him, of the most degrading kind! Nika has him pick up her beloved hd porn sex toys, her dirty hi def porn movies and scattered, sexy lingerie! Naturally James feels like her personal errand boy and hopes that she’ll soon find out, his worth much more than that! Now, this powerful position didn’t just fall into her lap… no, hd porn Nika fucked her way to the top!!! She just wants to find out, if James is ready to take the same route!

They have the Midas Touch

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Lisa and Jordan are the top employees for the second year in a row, and now the management has decided to team them up! But this hd porn match in heaven, isn’t working out at all… cause at their first meeting together, they immediately start to bump heads! The tension is so high, you can literally cut the air with a knife! They have to excuse themselves, to try to sort out their private, very hd porn competitive issues! But the only way they can come to some sort of agreement, is to first relieve that tension, by fucking and shit out of each other! Makes perfect sense!